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Strategic planning to help business leaders navigate with purpose and performance

A strategic planning and business management framework to create clarity, focus and alignment for your teams, moving your business to achieve results that matter most.

Are you on track to meet your long-term goals?

You know where you want to go and the steps required to get you there.

You’re leveraging the right technology to accelerate your business.

You hold regular accountability check-ins to monitor progress.

Your team is aligned with your long-term objectives.

You have methods in place to measure progress towards your goals.

You can step away from the business without worry.

A strategic plan will accelerate your results

Align Your Team

Provide CLARITY for your team around your long-term goals

Exceed Your Goals

FOCUS your team with simple, clear goals so you move in the right direction

Grow Your Business

Measure what matters most to achieve targeted RESULTS

Successful leaders have a plan

(and know the steps required to achieve it)

Your business is growing. As a result, your priorities and maybe your overall direction is changing. As you look ahead, you see the need to create a more strategic plan; one that aligns with your vision. 

The problem is while you know where you want to go, you may not know the specific steps required to get you there. Can you leverage technology to accelerate your progress?  Which key performance indicators should you track?          

When implemented correctly, a strategic plan helps you monitor progress while keeping your teams aligned. It can even allow you to take time away from work and not feel guilty about it. 


As a business owner, I know what it feels like to not know if you’re on track to meet your goals. Or worse, to doubt if your current plan is moving you in the right direction.

For over twenty years, I’ve implemented strategic plans for start-ups to high-growth companies. I’ve seen what happens when companies have outdated or worse, no plans at all.

At Abba Digital, I believe every company should have a strategic plan, which is why I developed the agile, One-Page Strategic Plan framework. The One-Page Plan allows successful leaders to confidently monitor progress towards long-term goals while aligning teams and resources to achieve them.

I help forward-thinking leaders implement the One-Page Plan by 1. Scheduling a call to understand your current situation. 2. Developing a plan that incorporates key performance indicators and technologies, so you can 3. Advance your business by monitoring progress with regular accountability check-ins.

If you’re ready to move your business forward, let’s schedule a call to discuss how the One-Page Plan can help you align your team, exceed your goals, and move your business in the direction you want to go.

After all, you started your business so you can have freedom in your schedule, not so you could have a job. Isn’t it time to have some fun again?

Jamal Pilger

Hi. I’m Jamal and I believe every company should have a strategic plan.

For over twenty years, I’ve implemented strategic plans for start-ups to high-growth companies. I’ve seen what happens when companies have outdated or worse, no plans at all. 

At Abba Digital, I believe every company should have a strategic plan, which is why I developed the agile, One-Page Strategic Plan framework. 

The One-Page Plan allows successful leaders to achieve their long-term goals by;

  • Confidently monitoring progress
  • Aligning teams with KPIs
  • Aligning resources to accelerate progress

Steps to exceed your Long-term Goals

Schedule a Call

Understand your unique situation and how your company can implement its long-term plan.

Develop Your Plan

Collaborate with your team to create a plan that aligns with your long-term goals.

Advance Your Business

Gain the confidence and Clarity, Focus and Direction for your team.

Clients with Strategic Plans and OKRs

We had long been admirers of OKRs, but we were stuck as to how to get started.  Also, with an agile culture, we didn’t want to get bogged down in cumbersome processes or complex tools.  Jamal not only jump-started our initial Strategic Planning Process, but saw it through all the way to implementation, and also helped us “right size” the system for our company and culture, finding the perfect balance between just the right amount of process, and just the right amount of lightweight tools to guide us along the way, and help ensure success.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the OKR approach we ended up with, and the results have been measurably game-changing for us.

Patrick Quinn

Founder & CEO, Webapper Services, LLC

As a Network Solutions & Services company, we were looking to pivot from a project + break/fix business model to a managed services model with predictable monthly recurring revenue (MRR) to smooth out our cash flow and position us for growth.  Jamal came to our office and led a workshop to help our team create a strategic plan to clarify our new direction and determine what steps were needed to make that shift.  Jamal was able to keep us organized and on topic, and even guide us through some difficult topics ignited by the prospect of making such a significant transition.  He helped us redefine individual and company-wide goals and expectations, and with his One-Page Plan method/process he created value in the form of an organized, clear strategic plan.  We would recommend his framework to anyone who is wanting to proactively grow their business.

David Kennedy

Owner, Caltuck Network Solutions & Services

Ways we can work together

Strategic Planning and OKRs

Develop your strategic plan and OKRs via individual coaching or team workshops

Fractional CIO/COO Services

Retained executive management to augment your leadership team


 Leverage SaaS and technology solutions effectively to transform your business

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the timeframe of a typical engagement?

A typical engagement can last anywhere from 1-6 months, or more, depending on the objectives, scope and nature of the work being performed.  We have a variety of programs available to fit the needs of each client and can provide a custom proposal based on your needs.

Does my team need to be involved?

During the initiation phase of a new engagement, we’ll work together to determine which team members need to be involved in each step, based on the scope of the engagement.

What is the format of the planning process?

We facilitate group and individual workshops as needed to engage all stakeholders in strategic planning processes.

What’s your availability for fractional CIO/COO services?

Feel free to schedule a meeting to explore options and availability for our fractional CIO/COO services.  Availability is limited.

What are your top cloud solutions?

We help our clients select and implement best-of-breed cloud solutions to meet their strategic objectives.  There are many excellent solutions available to streamline your communications and boost your team’s productivity.

The One Page Strategic Plan

Download One Page Strategic Plan

I know what it feels like to not know if you’re on track to meet your goals. I also understand that putting together a strategic can be overwhelming and downright tedious. 

After seeing what happens when companies use outdated plans or worse, none at all, I decided to create a comprehensive, yet simple strategic planning tool. I call this tool the One-Page Strategic Planning framework.

The framework was developed after twenty years of developing strategic plans. It is designed to keep your teams and company on track to exceed your long-term plans without being difficult to create.  

Gain the confidence and system you need to move your business forward. Download the file and start planning your company’s future today.